Frequently Asked Questions!!


Yes, all our customers get customized cost for home construction as per their requirements. You can contact us for an appointment to get a detailed quote for your house construction.

The unit rate provided in the house construction packages are based on built up area (per sq.ft.)

For example, if you choose our Basic package specification and the total built up area is 1000 sq.ft., then the total cost of your construction would be = 1000 X 1450 ( Basic package ) = Rs. 14,50,000/- only.

Similarly, if you choose specifications Premium package and the total build up area is 1000 sq.ft., when the total cost of platinum home package would be = 1000 X 1850 ( platinum package) = Rs.18,50,000 only.

The home package price provide complete construction solutions which includes architectural, structural & services drawings, procurement of materials as per individual package specifications/ brands and labor cost for entire construction.

BORE WELL, lift, electrical fittings (fans, bulbs,etc.) and State Electricity Board meter.

No, there are no hidden costs. All costs for transportation/ material delivery, drawing plans, structural and services design etc. are included in the package cost.

The average time is four to five months for a 1000 sq.ft. Built up area house. The timeline varies and can be mutually agreed as per customer’s planned cash flow.

Construction defects like leakages for all five years. Wires will be changed if damaged ( except due to overload), MCBs/ELCBs will be replaced in case these are malfunctioning.

Bathroom taps, flush valves and SanitaryWare will be rectified where dripping, subjected to parameters of normal wear and tear.

Plumbing leakages caused owing to incidental construction faults will be rectified. Door handles that are not operating properly will be rectified or replaced.

Warranties as offered by a material/ fitting manufacturing company shall be transferred back to back in the name of customer.

NOTE:- Normal wear and tear due to usage is excluded from our warranty.

  • Set up water and electricity, single point water and electricity supply to be provided at plot at free of cost for the entire project to Brickmason.
  • Apply for statutory approvals/ Building Permit ( is not included in Brickmason deliverables).
  • Quality control is overseen internally by in- house team, site team. We have 350+ quality checks for various activities in house construction. These quality checks will be conducted by site team and project managers to ensure the quality of the product.

    Offering warranty on executed job is to reaffirm our commitment to customer satisfaction and is an affirmation of our faith in our execution quality and materials selection. Quality is sole responsibility of BRICKMASON.

    Yes. Although staying closely involved is clearly easier when you live in town, you can manage the project remotely with BRICKMASON construction services.

    Once the floor plan has been designed, the only decisions left to make are the colors, fixtures, finishes.

    A Plan on making a trip to town for a couple of days, although they are a busy two days, making those decisions keeps us on schedule. If traveling is not an option, the best approach is to make selections our website

    A periodic update on construction progress and budget will be shared with our customer.

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