cancellation Policy cancellation Policy & Refund Brick Mason connects the customer with service providers in the construction Industry (individually, a "SP"). We endeavour to help customers discover and select an SP based on characteristics that matter most to them. Brick Mason takes pride in the process of providing transparent and trustful construction services. Tremendous amounts of efforts are being put by Brick&Mason in understanding the customer's requirement and/or providing designs and other documents/details. In the unlikely event that the customer decides to cancel the project after paying any portion of the booking amount, the customer shall inform Brick Mason (from the e-mail address provided to Brick Mason) in writing, vide an e-mail to (or such other e-mail address provided from time to time) or registered post with acknowledgement due, mentioning the reason(s) for cancellation. Brick&Mason on receipt of such e-mail or registered post, shall proceed to examine the cancellation on a case-to-case basis and shall follow the following principles in terms of cancellation. For any cancellations subsequent to payment of the booking amount, Brick&Mason shall be entitled to collect 1.7% of the total project value* excluding applicable taxes from the customer. Any cancellations subsequent to allocation or appointment of a contractor will be deducted per actual cost borne by the contractor and Brick&Mason. *It is to be noted that all deductions shall be on the total non-discounted value of the project.All cancellation fee(s) shall be adjusted against the amount(s) paid by the customer. In the event the costs incurred by Brick&Mason for the afore-mentioned services exceeds the amounts paid by the customer, the customer shall be liable to pay such excess to Brick&Mason or to such other persons as referred by Brick&Mason, In writing, 15 (fifteen) working days of Brick&Mason issuing a written notice informing of the same. Brick&Mason shall transfer the refund amount, if any, payable to the customer after making suitable deductions and adjustments by Brick&Mason in the manner as provided for above, to the bank account provided by the customer, within 30 (thirty) business days from the date Brick&Mason and the customer mutually agree on the final value of the refund amounts.

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